Tuesday, November 16, 2021

November 2021 Update

A recent upturn of work has resulted in the following paintings and drawings.  I owe so much to Michelle Tully of Studio Escalier and my multi-year art teacher Adriana Farinella.  Thanks

All works are for sale.  Please contact Brian Phillips for information.  And additionally, see all my available works at BrianPhillipsArt.com.  Thanks

A profile of "Phoebe", one of several.  9x12" oil on linen.

"Profile of Marco". Oil on canvas.  Background unfinished

Sketch of "Samira".  11x14" Gray paper, graphite and chalk

"Samira"; painting in progress

"Alyssa", 9x12" oil on linen, in progress

"Florence" 11x14", oil on canvas

Alyssa, quick study

Caravaggio insert from "The Entombment of Christ"

"Marco looking up" 11x14" Gray paper, graphite and chalk.

"Supper at Emmaus".  Insert from Caravaggio painting

"Florence Looking Up",  9x12", oil on canvas

Marco Looking Up", 9x12", oil on canvas

Insert from Caravaggio's "Madonna Dei Pellegrini" 9x12", oil on canvas

Friday, April 2, 2021

 Spending time with Studio Escalier
April 2021

Having taken advantage of a number of Zoom classes during the Pandemic, I've hopefully improved my skills in painting various parts of the human face.

The human eye has always been challenging for me to get right on the canvas. The online courses offered by Michelle Tully of Studio Esclier offered interesting lectures and demonstrations that helped lend a little respectability to my optical attempts.

The is categorized by Michelle as a "fun" task.  I'm not at the "having fun" stage but I'm much less intimated.

Another model, another eye.

Tell me you haven't struggled with a nose or two.

An ear with jewelry

And finally, putting it all together: the nose/muzzle, eyes, and ears combined with proper color and tone; you have a finished face and more confidence.  Thanks

Brian Phillips
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