Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Late May 2019 News

Late Spring 2019 Postings for brianphillipsart

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An early 2019 "commission" of sorts.
I never painted a parrot, and as I learned, these two had been together for over 20 years.
After learning of their long relationship, putting the pose together wasn't too difficult.
My first and hopefully, my last parrot commission.
It took no less than six work sessions and a number of minor sessions
to bring this one to an acceptable conclusion.

Dogs and women owners; I can't leave them alone.
My affinity for fashion can always fill the time.
A much-needed return to daily sketching.

Turning fashion sketches into short oil studies.
A favorite of mine.
First pass of a 12x16" commission titled:
"The Traveler"
Somewhat more difficult is turning model pencil sketches
into oil on canvas studies.  Multiple sessions are required.

Finished work titled: "The Traveler"

Monday, January 21, 2019

January 2019 News

January 2019 News

Welcome to monthly post.  I've been spending some time and money on a DVD from Juliette Aristides entitled: "Secrets of Classical Painting".  The DVD contains approximately 8 hours of demonstration from Ms. Aristedes and is well worth the time and financial outlay.  Those mentioned 8hrs of demonstrations has helped me to begin my paintings in a more classic way thereby making the second and third pass to be more productive and satisfying.  Thanks, Juliette.

Completed 3rd pass of "Bev".  16x20", oil on canvas.
Not for Sale.  Part of the artist's collection.

Alyssa #2, 16x20", oil on canvas.  Property of the model.

"Bev Sunbathing" 24x30", oil on canvas.  Not for Sale.

Alyssa #1 pose.  16x20" Oil on canvas board.  For Sale

Alyssa #3, 16x20" Oil on canvas board.  For sale
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