Tuesday, September 18, 2018

September 2018 News

September 2018 Newsletter

I had been hoping that I'd be able to find a model to use for a Fall 2018 show emphasizing “athletic yet feminine women”.  The task has proven more difficult than expected. Even though I'm looking to paint a fully clothed model, I have no candidates at present.
If you know of someone that might be appropriate for an “athletic women” portrait, drop me a line at brianphillipsart.com under the "contact" page. By the way, my studio is eastern Pennsylvania. Thanks for stopping in.

Looking for a model to paint a similar pose.

Portrait coming soon

Reworked my version of a Kenton Nelson classic

Started another Samira portrait 1st pass

2nd Pass

3rd Pass

Sketch for another painting emphasizing the hair and neck

"Bev" 2018 finished and ready for varnish applications

Young Samira with a Zorn palette

Older Samira using a Zorn palette

Another sketch prior to painting.  I like this one but can't seem to get it going.