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August 2018

August 2018
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After a multi-week, make that a multi-month layoff, I started painting again.
I have a problem with procrastination.  If there was a 12 step group for procrastinators, I'd be involved.  Maybe not, I'd probably put it off.

I'm fortunate to be involved with the Baum School of Art in Allentown, PA.  If I sign up for a summer course, it makes you gather your gear and go paint.  This summer I took on some plein air work which got me excited about putting paint on canvas again.

What really helps me is bad weather.  Whether it's raining, hot, ungodly humid, buggy or whatever, I find I'm more inclined to paint in the studio.

I've also found, quite by accident, that going through previous year's work you'll find unfinished pieces begging for attention.  I've started work or rework with a new sense of purpose.  Hoping to get some things finally marked "FINISHED".

So, if you're stuck, feel you're just not getting anywhere, wondering why you paint, put the phone or laptop down and sign up for an art course or art group meeting where you live.  It helps to be around other artists and to have a mentor that will not only encourage but provide honest critiques of your work.
Listen to this 29-minute audio by my mentor, Adriano Farinella.  It really helped jump-start my enthusiasm to paint. Click: https://www.adrianofarinella.com/blog/2018/8/15/i-am-not-a-plein-air-painter

A plein air of my mind.  I add to it all the time.  It's like the "never-ending" painting.

Plein air right outside my front door.

Working on skin tones.

A work in progress for a friend.

A quick study for a pending angel painting

A second option for the above painting

A continuation of a dog painting.  I love dogs.

A plein air that had great and not so great aspects.  Love the skyline.

Reworking the skin tones.

Becoming one of my favorites.

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