Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 2017 News

Finally a Newsletter! 

I haven't been working in the studio on a daily basis.  Warm weather, increase of bicycle miles, the dreaded outside chores and just kicking back have resulted in procrastination if not outright laziness.  BUT, the 4th of July is past and summer is firmly in place; time to get back to work.

Sketching helps get me over the humps.  You can do a sketch in less time with less materials and minimal clean up.  Sketching also keeps you sharp or in my case, sharpens an already dull blade.

I like drawing women; preferably clothed women.  For me, clothing is easier to adjust than naked body parts...much easier.

I'm working on a portrait using a model with silver hair and lovely creme colored skin.  This is the original sketch. 

I'm intrigued with the New Testament concept of the "whole armor of God" and decided to da large painting of a veteran Crusades Knight.  So far, it's only a drawing. 

I love large floppy sun hats.  If I see one on an attractive woman, I have to draw it. 

The "original" Norma II drawing.  I think it's the best of the whole series; oil and graphite. 

I have no real reason for drawing this one except the eyes just struck me and I'm not  one to look for a set of piercing eyes to draw.

Next Week

I have new oil studies; stop back and take a look.  Thanks

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