Tuesday, January 31, 2017

February 2017 

I have to apologize for the lack of a January newsletter.  I don't know what happened; before I knew it, January was gone.  Similar to that perfect light source when you're painting Plein Air.

Anyway, a new year and new works moving toward completion.  If all goes well I'm hoping to have three pieces entered in the Baum School Student Show starting 2/16/17.  If you're in the Allentown, PA area on the 16th, stop by from 6 to 8PM.  Most shows I've been to have many beautiful paintings displayed and for sale.  The refreshments aren't bad either.

I'm initiating a degree of studio discipline this month.  I have work to get done before the  February show and I have to quit looking at and start finishing it.  Then there's the issue of framing... yikes!

I'm looking for an athletic  male model.  I've never painted a man; I think it's time.

Quick news item:  I recently used Gamblin's Neo Megilp on "The Dancer" pictured below.  I believe it's a product meant to compete with Winsor Newton's Liquin.  The Gamblin product is applies like Liquin, maybe a little more jelly-like, has NO odor, BUT takes longer to dry.  Something like 72 hours have past since I used the product and it's still a little sticky.  That could be a deal breaker for me as I'm always needing to get back in at some detail.  

Addendum to follow mid month.
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"The Dancer"

"The Dreamer"

"Norma #2"