Wednesday, December 20, 2017

December 2017

Week #1 Portrait Painting
December 2017
Merry Christmas and Wishes for an artistic 2018 from 

In late November, I was able to return to art classes at the Baum School in Allentown, PA.  And fortunately, I was able to take a new course offered, namely Portrait Painting.  The first four weeks have been three-hour sessions using one color plus Titanium white.  The last four sessions will have the same model and pose to allow for a "long pose" opportunity.  Pretty exciting and I don't get too excited anymore.

It's a challenging situation to start a session with a blank canvas with the goal of completing the block-in by the end of the session.  Very rewarding and tiring.
Week #2 Portrait Painting

Week #3
With the return to weekly classes, I've started painting in the home studio on a more regular basis.  Hopefully, I can get into a "painting-a-day" type habit.  Working every day helps me greatly; I'm NOT "naturally talented", I need to work and have regular critiques.
Week #4 Portrait Painting

Profile of my wife long overdue; Yikes! 

A profile which accompanied a portrait project
Other projects aside from painting class are some older items that I'm feeling more confident about pushing toward completion. 

Finally, a completed portrait started in May 2017!
Not sure where this lady is headed, stop back next month.

Merry Christmas

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Figurative Artwork Summary 2014 to 2016

My Favorite Bargue Plate
 A varied sampling of work from late 2013 through early 2017 compiled from figure drawing classes at the Baum School of Art.

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Brian Phillips

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

November 2017

November, 2017 Newsletter
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Allentown, PA USA (My other website)

I'm happy to write that the "eye issues" I was dealing with through all of September and a good part of October are behind me.  I'm painting and drawing again but I'm reluctant to start anything big until my confidence rebounds.

If you have any questions or comments please send them along.  Thanks for stopping by.
The result of a 6 hour figure painting session at the Baum School in Allentown, PA 

Original model block-in for the above color work
Drawing practice

 I bought two wooden models at a flea market this summer and recently started using them for the purpose they were intended.  It's good practice, there's no model fees and you don't have to worry about the pose; it's whatever you want.  Easy.
Gesture practice using charcoal

More practice with facial tone and shadow

A quick block-in from a fashion model photo.  I need to return to add another layer

Another 3hr. figure block-in at the Baum School

I just liked the dog.  No other reason.

More facial practice

Monday, October 2, 2017

October 2017

 The Summer of 2017 was only marginally productive.  Some medical issues involving my right eye have limited my ability to draw and paint with confidence.  Hopefully, I will be able to get back to a daily routine of artistic production in the coming weeks.

Studio work has been limited to a portrait commission woefully behind schedule.
Sketching has filled some of my time using models from various fashion magazines.

Most sketches are on Bienfag 50lb paper.

Plein air in the backyard.

Charcoal and graphite
Plein air at a local park

Graphite on Canson Paper

Photo for a pending painting.  Shadow and light.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 2017 News

Finally a Newsletter! 

I haven't been working in the studio on a daily basis.  Warm weather, increase of bicycle miles, the dreaded outside chores and just kicking back have resulted in procrastination if not outright laziness.  BUT, the 4th of July is past and summer is firmly in place; time to get back to work.

Sketching helps get me over the humps.  You can do a sketch in less time with less materials and minimal clean up.  Sketching also keeps you sharp or in my case, sharpens an already dull blade.

I like drawing women; preferably clothed women.  For me, clothing is easier to adjust than naked body parts...much easier.

I'm working on a portrait using a model with silver hair and lovely creme colored skin.  This is the original sketch. 

I'm intrigued with the New Testament concept of the "whole armor of God" and decided to da large painting of a veteran Crusades Knight.  So far, it's only a drawing. 

I love large floppy sun hats.  If I see one on an attractive woman, I have to draw it. 

The "original" Norma II drawing.  I think it's the best of the whole series; oil and graphite. 

I have no real reason for drawing this one except the eyes just struck me and I'm not  one to look for a set of piercing eyes to draw.

Next Week

I have new oil studies; stop back and take a look.  Thanks

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Friday, May 5, 2017

May 2017

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May 4, 2017 Update;
The Figure Painting workshop at the  Baum Art School in Allentown continues.
The weekly sessions have become a part of my routine, if it's Monday, I paint.  I like to think the casual observer will notice the change in the submissions to this page.  I've grown more confident, more assured of the brush stroke and comfortable with the reductive process of figure painting.
I can't stress enough the need to become involved in a like-minded group in whatever field of endeavor. On my own, I was wondering around bumping into ideas, concepts and goals. Never really taking ownership of anything. After three years, I have some idea where I'm going and how to get there.

If you have comments, suggestions, ideas for joint ventures, criticisms or critiques; please send them along via

8x12" oil on linen - $99

16x20" oil on canvas work from the Baum School Figure Painting Workshops

Example of Figure Drawing session.  Graphite on Canson Paper