Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November, 2016 Update

I was productive on more than a few fronts heading into fall:
I completed the Umbrella Girl and listed her for sale on Etsy.  Check her out.  Better yet, give her a home.

I've finished 'Umbrella Girl II' which is more of a seascape than a model painting.  I was taken by the umbrella and just had to paint it..  I'm using Venetian Red which is one of my favorite colors ever.  It's not a sissy red, it's strong and doesn't take prisoners so I have to be cautious and not allow the red to take over everything.
And, as aside, "Umbrella Girl II" is sold.

I also finished the 'Orange Picker' study.  I really like everything about this painting and am pretty sure I'll paint a 16x20 linen this winter.  I'm especially pleased with my progress dealing with skin tones.  The work is starting to bear fruit (pun intended).
I'm almost finished painting "The Dancer"; oil on Arches Paper and is about 17x22".  I'm using one of my newest favorite colors, Manganese Blue.  Strong, but I find it's not to hard to control.

I have two more feminine works in progress but I think they'd be better served to show in the December entry.

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