Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Plein Air on a Budget

I'm planning more plein air work this season, and now that the weather is definitely changing for the better, it's time to reassess my equipment.
I had a problem with weight last year; not me as much as all the equipment.  I had the french easel which helps with organization and doing your work but it weighs a bit much.  Next I carried a nearly full LL Bean tote bag and a small daypack with lunch, etc.  I wanted to try something different; here's what I came up with to eliminate the weight of a french easel:

 I bought two items on Craig's List: A ProMaster 4900 tripod for $20 and  Windsor Newton paint box for next to nothing.  Remove the top of the tripod and you have a 1/4" screw.  Drill a 1/4" hole in the exact center of the bottom of the box.  Get a 1/4" coupling nut ($1.24 @ Home Depot) and you're good to go.  Beat that price YouTube hucksters.  It's my gift to you, my painting friends.

11/24/16 Addendum:
The few times I was able to get out for some plein air work, I used an old beat up french easel and a large LL Bean carry bag.  I didn't look stylish but the simplicity, albeit extra weight worked just as well as my friends with high dollar plein air equipment.  Just my $.02.

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