Monday, February 1, 2016

Day #1 (Sort of)

Today, 2/1/16, marks my return to Blogger.  I've been advised to have more of a "web presence" and after looking into other web site makers, Blogger won hands down.  I mean, it's free; what's to think about?

I've resolved to paint more in 2016.  A number of artist I admire have a daily art blog accompanied by a painting.  Makes sense; the more you paint the better you become.  So, as not to bore you, painting #1:

8x10" oil on Arches Oil Paper.


A 2nd pass of a 12x16" oil on Arches paper.  Study is from a work by Augustus John.

Submissions due for the Baum School Student Show the week of 2/11/16:


Both of the above paintings are oil on canvas; 9x12" and 20x30" respectively.

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