Friday, February 26, 2016

Quick Impasso

Thursday, 2/25/16

Have had this image by Sargent for quite a while.  Yesterday's weather was just awful, hence I decided to do a quick drawing in watery raw umber and after the outline was dry, finish in gray scale: Raw Umber, French Ultramarine and Titanium White.  I was using the flat brush as a one would use a knife.  I used the same brush throughout the exercise.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snowy Monday

February 15, 2016:  Short painting workshop today in anticipation of a snow event.  The good thing about a change in the usual schedule of the studio means instead of three hours to finish a project; you now have two hours.  Makes you work.  No casual conversations, no uninvited commentary about someone else's easel, etc.  Just paint and get on with it.

9x12" Oil on Arches Paper - 1.5hrs

12x16" Oil on linen - 3rd and final pass

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Weekly Workshop

I've been participating in a weekly painter's workshop for some time now and find the experience very rewarding.
The number of participants vary in number and individuals coming and going every 10 week cycle. You're always meeting new artists with different styles, tips and techniques.  I find myself looking forward to Monday afternoons and forcing myself to have something to show my fellow artists and head mentor/teacher Adriano Farinella

Example from 2/8/16:
Two hours studio time, 9x12" oil on Arches Paper

If you want to expand your painting; if you want to grow; if you want learn additional methods; I'd strongly suggest an artist's workshop experience.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Day #1 (Sort of)

Today, 2/1/16, marks my return to Blogger.  I've been advised to have more of a "web presence" and after looking into other web site makers, Blogger won hands down.  I mean, it's free; what's to think about?

I've resolved to paint more in 2016.  A number of artist I admire have a daily art blog accompanied by a painting.  Makes sense; the more you paint the better you become.  So, as not to bore you, painting #1:

8x10" oil on Arches Oil Paper.


A 2nd pass of a 12x16" oil on Arches paper.  Study is from a work by Augustus John.

Submissions due for the Baum School Student Show the week of 2/11/16:


Both of the above paintings are oil on canvas; 9x12" and 20x30" respectively.